Gregg Lomas has always had a love for high end vehicles from an early age. He has been there and done that in terms of owning individually designed vehicles. However, he has always dreamed of being in a position to own a bespoke Kahn Jeep Wrangler.

This was a dream which until very recently eluded him. However, he has finally fulfilled an inner desire to own a bespoke vehicle with KAHN adorned on the front bonnet.

Gregg took time out to speak to Kahn News about why he holds his vehicle so close to his heart.

Gregg’s journey began when he set out looking for a Kahn Jeep. In his own words, he says he searched ‘high and low’, looking up and down the UK. It was upon coming across and advert that Gregg rushed to a dealership, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“To be honest Kahn is well up there as the best design house out there and I have always wanted a Kahn vehicle,” said Gregg.

“One thing I have always dreamed of was one day being the proud owner of a bespoke Kahn Chelsea Truck Jeep Wrangler and fortunately I am now in a position to live out that dream and when I say proud, I mean proud to be in such an exclusive club.

Although Gregg did not buy the vehicle from Kahn direct, he moved fast to ensure he took a look at the vehicle before anyone else. “I’m glad i did as whilst i was looking at her the salesman’s phone was literally ringing off the hook with people wanting to take a look.

“The moment i pulled up and saw her sat there i knew, i got a feeling of Gregg you have to have this, that was doubled upon opening the door to a waft of fresh top to toe red leather, walking round the outside with eyes flirting all over the vehicle, scanning the enhanced body of colour coded arches and bumpers and Roof, DRL’s beaming from the gap in the Front, the cool 20 inch matt black iconic Kahn wheels, the bold letters "K A H N" across the front Grille, the black Wing Defenders and all the Other fine attention to detailing just grabbed my attention.”

Gregg’s only regret was not buying the car direct from Kahn and meeting the Afzal Kahn himself. “I didn’t meet him, but I follow him on twitter and I must say, he is up there with people I’d like to meet. Anyone who can design such stunning vehicles is worth a handshake in my book.”

Driving a Kahn Jeep must ensure the driver receives a great deal of attention?

Gregg certainly agrees: “Wow, tell me about it. I have not had a single day when someone hasn’t asked me about it, asked to take photos, asked what it is, where it’s from, stopped and stared as I’ve drove past and even today on the back streets in the south of Spain - people ran up to me at the traffic lights to ask what it is and how much they love it. However, the neck breaking stares really start when the roof comes off to reveal a full red leather interior blasting out in the Spanish sunshine.

Gregg assures anyone considering a Kahn vehicle to give it a try because they will not be disappointed.

“For anyone considering a Kahn vehicle i can honestly say the attention to detail is outstanding, the finish is flawless. This is certainly not a vehicle for the fainthearted, but what a Fantastic motor.

“This is a real British fashion icon. I’m just so glad I’m fortunate enough to be able to say I Am a Kahn Jeep Owner."

Images credit: TJ Dean Photography