As the snow subsides and large swathes of Europe no longer affected by freezing conditions – allow Kahn news to remind you of how much fun we had with the Kahn Jeep – in the snow.

The Kahn Jeep serves to bring out the steel-edged, fearless drive-anywhere person in you; be it on the open road, rugged terrain, even in the snow, where the Kahn team found out, first hand, the ride was generally good with impressive handling capability. Just take a look at the images – impressed much?

An immense vehicle – the Kahn Jeep is a warhorse that not only dashes through snow but is rather civilised; domesticated enough to sit serenely in your garage but on the open road, you will find city based commuters and young pretenders at the helm.

Refinement is much enhanced over previous Wranglers thanks to a very decent styling package. This includes the customary cross hair headlamps, brake calipers, LED daytime running lights, rear light sections and side repeaters, side wing blades, vented foot pedals, spare wheel cover, door entry sill plates in stainless steel and Kahn branding – ensuring a great deal of motoring supremacy. And as for the interior, you can have whatever you want.

The hallmark of A. Kahn Design is the lack of pretence – what you see is what you get. And this is why you will see Kahn products in the smarter streets of London, Shanghai and New York. The common denominator is the Kahn brand. In automotive terms it is the ultimate designer label.

One thing for sure, by owning a Kahn Jeep - you will find that you are not simply blending in with other drivers on the road - the road is your catwalk!