The flagship vehicle of a certain Italian firm's range...

Surely you know we are talking about the Lamborghini Aventador - a car that pushes supercar boundaries and is one of the most dramatic vehicles money can buy.

However, Afzal Kahn has just transformed the look of this vehicle and is set to refine the vehicle further.

One would think refining the Lamborghini Aventador is no easy task – however – the principal British designer begs to differ.

He has already transformed the look of this vehicle into an imposing Lamborghini Rosso red beauty and if that was not enough – he intends to strip the entire vehicle and refine it further.

Kahn Design has form for tackling unconventional projects having previously taken on the Aston Martin Cygnet, and rest assured - the design wizard intends to create something very special.

You can follow the build of the Lamborghini Aventador at and also via Afzal's official twitter account.