When he is not working on exciting stunts for movies, Roy Taylor likes to talk about high speed vehicles and his admiration for Kahn Design.

Taylor, who recently worked on the Cry Freedom blockbuster with Denzel Washington in Africa, has worked in the film industry since he was 16.

He thrilled the watching Kahn journalist with his array of moves whilst taking part in a photo shoot with an array of Kahn Design vehicles at the world famous Pinewood Studios.

Speaking to Kahnnews, Roy talks about his carefully rehearsed shot with a fellow stunt performer: “We rehearsed without the Aston first, using a gymnast and trampette to get about 7ft of height,” said Roy.

“Rick English (stunt double in Batman) pulls martial arts kick just as I come soaring over the car with my left foot aimed at his head. Timing is key as we miss each other by millimeters, and I roll onto the crash mat.

“We had to be really careful because we didn't want to put a big dent in any of Afzal's cars so again, timing was imperative.”

Roy who has also worked on movies such as the Da Vinci Code, The Golden Compass, James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman and the Dark Knight, The Damned United, Harry Potter, Alexander and St Trinians: in which he doubled for Colin Firth getting thrown out of a window!

“It was a 28ft fall into 3ft of water, so no room for error,” said Roy. “I had to land flat on my back, or I wouldn't have walked away. Colin thought I was crazy. He thought he was going to witness my death that day. And it did hurt. A lot.”

To view some of Roy's carefully timed stunt alongside the Project Kahn Aston Martin and Range Rover, visit: