Many people resolutely pursue a policy of not meeting their heroes, ‘because they are bound to disappoint you’. That’s common advice that’s left ignored by many, including one young man who hails from Panama in Central America.

Panama is an idyllic location, a grand mix of old Spain and modern America famous for the Panama Canal, pearl white beaches and imposing scenery – a completely different world from Kahn headquarters.

However, one thing A. Kahn Design does not underestimate is the worldwide fan base and 19 year old Panamanian Ahmad Bhana is just one of many fans who preoccupies many an hour with all things Kahn, so much so, that the 5292 miles to West Yorkshire did not deter him from booking his tickets to visit the UK, nor did it deter his parents, Yusuf and Nasima, who duly obliged in arranging the visit.

During their visit to the UK, Ahmad and his family took in a family wedding which was in his own words “an excellent occasion,” a trip to Old Trafford to watch the England cricket team do battle South Africa, the customary London/Buckingham Palace trip and countless restaurant visits supplemented the visit.

However, one day prior to departure day, Ahmad was given the green light to visit Afzal Kahn and the team at Kahn H.Q. An elated Ahmad was understandably delighted: “I had to visit the Kahn H.Q and see first-hand what goes on there,” said the eager Panamanian.

“I was not nervous I just wanted to meet the man himself but I could not have imagined what transpired, it was a dream come true.”

And what does Ahmad mean by ‘dream come true”, well he was greeted by Ali Keyhani, Operations Director upon his arrival and given a host of gifts, much to his chagrin.

And upon viewing the Bugatti Veyron, his day really began to rev up, so to speak.

“The technicians opened the door of the Veyron for me and all I had to do was take a seat," said Ahmad. "I was shocked. My friends insisted I would never be able to sit in the Veyron, but I made sure I savoured the moment and enjoyed the experience. It was a perpetual experience that seemed to last forever. They (Kahn staff) just let me sit there, pose for images and do whatever I wanted. It was rather surreal."

Having also taken in his favourite Kahn vehicle, the Kahn Range Rover Evoque, Ahmad went on to inspect the Porsche Panamera, a selection of Chelsea Jeeps and the Kahn Range Rover.

“The Range Rover looks so much better with the Kahn upgrade. The Panamera also looks and feels amazing and the Kahn Jeep shows that Kahn can enhance any vehicle in the world.

“The Evoque was just something else, the design is absolutely stunning and I could really see the car in Panama City, on the freeway along with our Kahn Range Rover Sports. They are very popular in Panama but I would love to see some more Kahn Range Rovers there.”

Ahmad went on to meet yet more staff members and was given a tour of the premises. However, the best as they say - comes to those who wait.

Ahmad was invited to meet Afzal Kahn himself in his office and an awestruck Ahmad put to bed any lingering notion that his hero would crush his idealistic opinion of the man himself.

“Afzal was very generous with his time,” said a delighted Ahmad. “We spoke and he insisted I take a photograph with him. He dropped everything he was doing and I was glad I was treated so well. And for that I would like to thank all the team at Kahn Design.”

And they say never meet your heroes? This young Panamanian begs to differ.