The watch you wear says a great deal about you – have you ever stopped to think how much a watch can say about you? Along with telling the time, it whispers about you and reveals more than you would imagine.

So which of your characteristics can be reflected in a Kahn timepiece?

Fusing engineering and design brilliance Kahn Swiss Made Timepieces have become the mark of a man. Of vast diameter and imposing stature the Kahn Timepieces collection incorporates innumerable materials of which their designer, Afzal Kahn himself is so famously fond of.

From the Vintage Automatic to the GMT Midnight Timepiece these statement watches are perfect with both formal and informal attire and have now become every style conscious woman’s ‘wish list’ item, voted the ‘husband watch’ to be seen wearing. All round arm candy.

For instance there is the GT timepiece; would you agree that it says you appreciate the finer things in life, and you have a sporty side to your personality and you are rather keen on gadgets?

How about the Classic Squared Automatic timepiece? Could it say you are fashion conscious, perhaps a little flamboyant and have an outgoing nature?

The default wear for smooth talkers and the creative individual – the Aero London Black timepiece affords the reassurance of a timepiece that is standard-issue for automotive borne millionaires.

Of course we may each own several timepieces, swapping them for different occasions. The Vesuvius timepiece is eye-catching and is perfect for a weekend of driving in the Kahn Vesuvius Edition Range Rover whilst the GMT Pure timepiece is more functional and discreet.

No matter which timepiece you choose; their legendary status makes them a safer place to park some cash. The only difference is that you can’t race a Kahn timepiece. Or go shopping in it.

The Kahn accessory range is growing rapidly with more products on their way very soon. We continually invest in new product development and leading technology to ensure we continue to create products of distinction.

For more information visit the Kahn timepiece website