Afzal Kahn, the darling of the well-heeled, has designed a very impressive timepiece collection.

Fusing engineering and design brilliance - the principal British designer's collection has become the mark of a man. Of vast diameter and imposing stature his collection incorporates innumerable materials of which Afzal Kahn himself is so famously fond of.

These statement watches are perfect with both formal and informal attire and have now become every style conscious woman’s ‘wishlist’ item, voted the ‘husband watch’ to be seen wearing. All round arm candy.

For those preferring a cosmopolitan look – the Kahn Aero London White timepiece reflects an approach often associated with one of the most fashionable city’s on the planet.

Devoid of excessive metal or superfluous adornment -the dial is handsome, ensuring an orderly and harmonious timepiece - distilled to perfection.

The marriage of brushed and polished surfaces works well and suits the angular lines of the case.

A stainless steel case is simple yet striking, whilst the contrasting deep black face provides an opportunity to appreciate its finer details and unblemished craftsmanship: a hand sewn matte black crocodile leather strap and deployment clasp augments the aesthetic courtesy of a rose gold finish and a cream detailed face.

There is integrity to the movement and it is a worthy testament to timed-served craftsmanship.

Finished in stunning rose gold, the Kahn Vintage timepiece is the epitome of exemplary British style - reflecting the quality and attention to detail A. Kahn applies to his bespoke vehicles.

A masterpiece? Definitely: one worthy of wearing the Kahn name.

The Kahn accessory range is growing rapidly with more products on their way very soon. We continually invest in new product development and leading technology to ensure we continue to create products of distinction.