Timepieces have been transformed as radically as the car over the years.

From cool ‘60s chronographs inspired by motorsport, aviation and space, to the quartz, digital and Swiss timepiece revolutions that car enthusiasts tend to favour.

And Kahn Timepieces in particular have enjoyed tremendous success ever since they were launched. Their legendary status makes them a safer place to park some cash than most vintage cars. The only difference is that you can’t race a Kahn timepiece. Or go shopping in it…..

Of large diameter and imposing of stature, the Kahn timepiece collection incorporate innumerable materials of which Afzal Kahn himself is so famously fond of.

From the Classic Squared Automatic to the GMT midnight timepiece, these timepieces, designed by Afzal Kahn himself, allow the wearer to know that whether they are wearing formal or informal attire, they are afforded the reassurance of a timepiece that is standard-issue for automotive borne millionaires.

The Kahn accessory range is growing rapidly with more products on their way very soon. We continually invest in new product development and leading technology to ensure we continue to create products of distinction.

For more information visit: http://www.kahndesign.com/watches