A great deal of people, feel gloomy about driving nowadays. If the speed cameras don't get you the parking wardens will. And this of course assumes you haven't been bankrupted just filling your car up with fuel. And it's no better on the move, thanks to traffic jams, never ending roadworks, death-wish fellow drivers, side-swiping lorries, congestion charging, overpriced parking – the list goes on.

But look again and there are still ways of enjoying motoring in the modern age. To give you a hand we've come up with our very own tips to enjoy motoring.

Drive Properly

We've all got bad habits behind the wheel. But try this instead – try driving as perfectly as you can for a while. Think about the gap between you and the car ahead, anticipate the ebb and flow of traffic and regulate your speed on the motorway without needing to brake and cause those behind you to do the same. Use correct lane discipline, even when others are not. Look for potential hazards and plan your way around them accordingly. You don't need to be a sanctimonious finger wager to drive properly – just enjoy the satisfaction that comes from doing something well.

Stay off A-Roads

Ok, so if you're in a hurry - main trunk roads are probably going to be the quickest way of reaching your destination. But lots of other people think so too, meaning you're much more likely to get stuck in traffic or other hold ups. Set off a bit earlier, use your initiative (or, failing that, your sat nav) and instead venture down the road less travelled.

You'll definitely uncover some beautiful roads, scope out some great country pubs and perhaps even discover a hidden short cut you never knew was there.

Buy a convertible

Driving in the open air turns even the most mundane journey into an event and with the roof down you don't have to be driving at silly speeds to enjoy yourself. So do yourself a favour and make sure your next car has some sort of folding roof – metal or fabric the choice is now huge. And having bought such a car make sure you put the roof down at every opportunity. The sights and smells of al fresco motoring make it a far more interactive experience than being sealed in an air conditioned bubble. And if you've never driven a cabrio under a starry night sky you really haven't lived.

Improve your technique

Most of us having been schooled in passing our tests rather than the actual process of driving a car.

Any driver can benefit and often those who claim to know it all stand to gain the most. Do you really know how to hold the steering wheel for instance? Can you heel and toe to smooth out your downshifts? How do you read a road to overtake safely? Whether through extra tuition or just reading up and practising, it's never too late to learn.

Keep the kids happy and secure

Nearly a third of adults travelling with their children in the car this summer will lose their temper with their children, according to the findings of a new survey. 23% will argue with their partner and a full 28% will wish they hadn't bothered going on the journey in the first place!

In addition, nearly half (44%) of adults said that they would be willing to do absolutely anything to keep their kids happy and quiet in the car.

Adults find playing old-fashioned games like eye spy (54%), a family sing-a-long (44%) or dishing out a story and colouring books (34%) to be some of the most enjoyable ways to ease the boredom in the car.

The survey also reveals children would rather listen to their choice of music or radio station (73%), spend the time calling or texting friends on their mobiles (55%) or to be left alone listening to their walkman (50%).

Furthermore, when traveling with a child in the car, parents' biggest priority is their safety

Our new Child car seat fits the bill and will give you that peace of mind……

With built in speakers and much more – the seats will keep children occupied for hours whilst ensuring maximum safety.

Remember, if your child is younger than 12 years of age, or below 135cm in height (4ft 5ins) they must wear a child restraint.

If your child is under the age of 12 and spotted not wearing a seatbelt, you (the driver) are actually breaking the law, and you could face a fine between £30 and £500.

Research reveals a quarter of parents with children between the ages of three and 12 are not actually using a car seat at all.

For more information on the new booster and child car seat; call one of our qualified international sales representatives on 01274 749 999.

Price begins at £1,100

Get up earlier

Fed up of congested roads? Try getting an early night and attempt the same journey at sunrise. You'll be amazed at how much quieter the roads are if you beat the crowds and how much faster you can get around. This works best on the kind of roads that delight when they're quiet and frustrate when they're busy, namely the fast, twisty A- and B-roads that inevitably clog up with caravans, tractors and Sunday bumblers during normal hours. For a weekend blast it's a great way to blow out the cobwebs without interruption and beating the rush in the morning can slash the time you spend on the commute – a win-win situation.

Drive abroad

It's easy to think the grass is greener elsewhere but when it comes to driving it's inescapably true – and you don't have to go that far to find out why. France has obvious attractions, being nearby and blessed with varied and beautiful scenery in abundance. Quiet fast peage are great for covering ground quickly, while rural roads offer a more leisurely and scenic alternative. Just beware the Gendarmes' appetite for speeding tourists. Germany meanwhile has its famous limit free autobahns, even if finding a quiet stretch can be difficult, and away from the hotspots any European country can provide a thrilling alternative to the congested grind of UK roads.

Go on a track day

Modern cars are so capable you'll be breaking every speed limit in the land if you really want to explore the limits of what it can do, never mind your own abilities. No surprise then that more and more drivers are heading to racetracks to let off steam. Take your normal car or club together with a couple of mates and build a trackday hack out of a stripped eBay hot hatch – the enjoyment is in being able to push yourself in relative safety. Obviously it's huge fun but you'll also learn a lot about how cars handle in extremis, making you a better and safer driver on the road too.

Find a new route to work

It's easy to get into a predictable groove with the daily commute and use the same route day in and day out. But try awakening your spirit of adventure and spend an evening looking at the map and seeing if there are any alternatives you hadn't realised were there. And whether it's a more scenic route, a fun back road or dastardly and devious short cut every journey can be livened up with a bit of exploring. Get out of that Groundhog Day mentality and you'll find having a few options livens up the journey to work no end, not to mention providing useful escape routes when your normal route gets snarled up.

Keep your cool

Obviously there will be drivers out there who will annoy you and in some cases seriously test your patience. However, it is important to try and ignore culprits and not rise to provocation.

You don't want to come across as a smug finger wager – just try to enjoy your drive and if need be, park up at a safe place and take a break, just don't let other drivers get to you!