It's attention-grabbing, well-designed and worth millions.

Not the Bugatti Veyron, we are talking about the most expensive registration plate in the UK and one of the most prestigious number plates in the world: F1.

Afzal Kahn purchased the number plate in 2008 for £440,625 - £375,000 plus VAT - and other charges ensuring it beat the previous record of £331,000 for M1, sold by auctioneers Bonhams in July 2006 - making it the most expensive ever sold in Britain.

The 108-year-old registration was previously on a £30,000 Volvo S80 used by the council chairman. The council sold it to raise money for a charity which aimed to raise the standards of young drivers.

In 2010 the BBC reported Kahn had turned down an offer of £5 million for the ultra exclusive registration.

Mr. Kahn owns a prestigious collection of number plates including 4 HRH which was in tandem with the Queen’s Royal Jubilee celebration, 4K, 0 800, 00 77, 4 AK and WED 11N to name but a few.

With 80 employees and a direct network of exclusive retail stores - under Mr. Kahn’s direction, A. Kahn Design today stands as one of the few remaining independent British companies in its sector, with a proven business strategy that has capitalised on the worldwide power and appeal of the A. Kahn brand.

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