Chris Evans, the BBC Radio 2 DJ, is putting the finishing touches on his Car Fest (South & North), & A. Kahn Design could not help but be on hand to celebrate the exuberance of automotive design.

The idea to hold his own charity related car festival to benefit the BBC’s Children in Need Charity was conceived by Evans in March and rapidly gathered momentum. So popular was the concept, that the original Car Fest, which will be staged over the weekend of August 25-26 at Laverstoke Farm in Hampshire, has been joined by CarFest North at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire on September 8-9.

With at least a third of the price of each ticket going to the charity, plus any further profits made from the two weekends, Car Fest sounds like a fun family related event.

Both festivals will feature displays of classic and contemporary road cars, including the ‘Magnificent Seven’ collection of Ferraris, donated regularly by benevolent owners to bolster the coffers of the charity

Furthermore, Afzal Kahn will be on hand with his Bugatti Veyron bearing the prestigious F1 number plate, which will take part in the ‘Hill Climb’. Kahn will also have their: Range Rover Evoque prototypes, Porsche Panamera and the infamous Chelsea Truck Company CJ400 4 Door.

Foodies will be catered for as well as car fans, with what is promised to be "the very finest food that Britain has to offer", including a "Cakes versus Pies" contest featuring 50 cake makers and 50 pie makers, plus food workshops at Laverstoke Farm where visitors can learn how to make ice cream or churn their own butter.

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