As a F1 driver you'd expect to be able to drive something pretty nifty off the track as well as on.

Some drivers take the obvious supercar route while others opt to also have your 'every day' car in their fleet of motors in order to keep a low profile.

From the legends of the sport's earlier years to the rookie stars of today; some of the choices may surprise you!

Lewis Hamilton – Smart

It's a measure of Hamilton's stratospheric rise that at the beginning of last season his company car was a Smart Forfour!

From there he's been steadily working his way up the Mercedes product range - probably earning himself a new car with every win he's chalked up over the year.

Don't be surprised if Lewis comes knocking on Afzal Kahn's door asking for a piece of the F1 plate!

Sir Stirling Moss – Fiat 500

The financially prudent Sir Stirling Moss certainly does not splash cash on frivolous motors. And as an urban gadget lover he is well known for some fairly eccentric choices when it comes to his private transport.

For his road cars he prefers small city runabouts. The first of these was the original Fiat 500, replaced in turn with a Smart Fortwo and supplemented by various scooters, perfect for the crowded streets near Sir Stirling's West London home.

Jenson Button – Honda NSX

If anyone lives up to the playboy image of the modern F1 driver Mr Button is that man.

Thanks his illustrious Honda driving predecessor, Ayrton Senna there is a supercar for him to drive as a company car. The Brazilian legend famously had a hand in the design of the fabulous mid engined Honda and Button probably wishes he could have worked the same magic on his race car.

Eddie Irvine – Ferrari 288 GTO

Eddie Irvine's taste in cars was as fast as his legendary pursuit of women. But of the former his 288 GTO was one of his favourites. And you can see why. One of just 270 or so built (accounts vary exactly), the 288 GTO might look like the Magnum PI spec 308 but with its 400bhp twin turbo V8 it is a whole lot more exotic. Indeed, in laying the groundwork for the F40 the 288 was more like the Enzo of its age. Irvine certainly made use of it too, allegedly getting stopped for speeding four times in a 24-hour period over Christmas one year.

Fernando Alonso – Renault Megane

What a change from life at Renault. An online video clip shows a laughing, chatty Alonso taking a group of Spanish journalists around the Nürburgring in a Renault Megane.

In an open, public session at the circuit Alonso jokes around as he hurls the unsuspecting Renault around the circuit, leaving motorbikes and cars in his wake.

Drivers of all persuasions had better watch out.