The next step in the Kahn dream is to roll out the Kahn brand through dealers with the Jeep Wrangler.

Fully endorsed by Chrysler, the Jeep's come direct from the American manufacturer to Kahn Design. The Wrangler is then transformed from a retro 4x4 into a Chelsea Jeep off roader with attitude. Kahn can build a vast number of Jeeps per year and owners can from a 2.8 litre diesel or a 3.8 litre petrol and two models: sport and sahara.

"This is the perfect opportunity for dealers," says Afzal Kahn.

"We are going to license the brand. We are looking for 25 dealers to take on our brand, the Chelsea Truck Company. The first 15 dealers will come on board for free, and each one will hold two wranglers - a two door and a four door - and they will be the centre of excellence. The dealers will get the cars at a certain price and if the dealers upsell they will get a percentage of that.

"Interested dealers need not build their own dealership  for the franchise either. We ask for a space in their current dealership and we will provide Kahn branding."

Buyers will be treated to the Chelsea Jeep's unique characteristics - upright driving position, high entry but sturdy. However, the Kahn version has a much-needed dose of agression.

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