Project Kahn is pleased to announce the imminent unveiling of the new Range Rover Type 25 wheels.

Exuding an exhilarating combination of power and lightweight design, the design direction these pre-production wheels take is a faithful indication of the styling Kahn customers can expect when production units become available.

Conforming to Kahn Design’s ‘floating light’ design language, clean mechanical aesthetics with subtle organic surfacing elements, these 10 x 23” wheels will encircle all (2013 onwards) Range Rover Sport, Vogue and Discovery 5 models with the utmost luxury.

Scheduled for launch soon, look out for more information in the coming weeks ahead, on Kahn News.

Please be advised, these wheels are available in Satin Black. However, additional finishes are available for special order.

Feel free to call one of our sales representatives on: 01274 74 99 99 or e-mail for more information.