The Chelsea Truck Company Homage II and Vanguard editions, unveiled to much acclaim at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, are now officially up for sale.

The Geneva motor show provided Afzal Kahn and his team, in association with Cooper Tyre, the ideal platform to showcase these exquisite vehicles.

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Chelsea Truck Company Vanguard Edition

To create this innovative vehicle, Afzal Kahn went back to the drawing board, reimagining each aspect of the classic Defender from the ground up.

The principal British Designer has created an innovative design which marries iconic British style with a military inspired design.

From painstaking conceptual planning, extensive mechanical upgrades, all the way through to the finer finishing touches, the styling and precise engineering upgrades illustrate the capabilities of this vehicle, personifying the meticulous process of its creation.

Perhaps the most obvious part of the transformation is the addition of widened wheel arches at the front and rear, measuring up to an extra 6 inches on each side, all of which flow outwards, thus ensuring this ultra-wide defender, which measures up at 3990mm in length, 2090 in width and 2190 in height has unparalleled visual presence.

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Chelsea Truck Company Homage II Edition

Afzal Kahn’s incarnation of the iconic Land Rover Defender series 2 model caused quite a stir at this year’s Geneva Show.

Tougher and more recognisable than any of its contemporaries, the Homage II edition is a retro classic model, based on the Series 2 Defender.

As opposed to opting for an ultra-modern construction, principal British Designer, Afzal Kahn, inspired by recreating the series 2 Defender, has decided to add an old-school feel to this special vehicle.

Re-worked and adorned with numerous aesthetic, mechanical and engineering upgrades, the redesigned silhouette, coupled with Kahn Design’s usual exceptional standards of craftsmanship, and renowned styling, we are talking about a one of a kind model, which makes a definite and lasting statement.

The Homage II Edition conveys excellence, with over 8 inches added to the standard 90-inch wheelbase along with an extra 200mm of bodywork, just ahead of the windscreen, giving the vehicle a unique look.

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