Afzal Kahn has turned down an offer for what is referred to the 'world's most expensive' number plate, according to The Express Newspaper.

The registration plate says 'F1' and is owned by entrepreneur Afzal Kahn

He bought the plate for £440,625 in 2008 from Essex Council and it is currently fit on his Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

He said: "I have more than sixty unique registration numbers from 1 NVV and 4 AK to NO 4 and K4 AHN.

"For the recent Royal wedding I put 4HRH on a four-wheel drive Mercedes and within days I had an offer of £1 million for it.

"Every registration number tells its own story which generates interest in its history – and whoever is behind the wheel."

"You could put a short plate on a rubbish car and it makes it look so much better – it’s the cleanliness, the simplicity," he added.

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