Afzal Kahn owns arguably the most valuable number plate in the world, F1, famously affixed to his Bugatti Veyron.

Valued in excess of £15 Million, the registration plate has been featured in a new book entitled - Car Number Classics – by Nicholas Young.

Taking pride of place, on the front page, the book comprises over 1300 pages with full colour illustrations throughout (except the early 20th century images for obvious reasons!).

The book is full of information and illustrations on the subject of number plates in the United Kingdom. It also includes a brief history of the various registration systems used in the United Kingdom over the years, and the number of vehicles registered by each authority as at June 1904.

However, F1 is not the only number plate from Afzal Kahn’s collection to have been featured in the book, AK 6, AK7 and 4 HRH have also been cited as prestigious registrations, the latter was used as part of the wedding celebrations to commemorate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Kahn is considered one of England's most pioneering and successful entrepreneurs and his company is one of only a select few remaining global automotive brands in the UK and this is not the first book he has been featured in.

A quest for perfection: the story of the greatest car in the world, by Martin Roach detailing Kahn’s love for the Bugatti Veyron to Land Rover: Story of The Car That Conquered The World by well-known adventurer and enthusiast, Ben Fogle who acquainted himself with the coach-built Flying Huntsman 6x6 Defender, before undertaking a once in a life-time adventure with it.

Afzal Kahn has also been featured in the Asian Liver Bird, a look at Liverpool Football Club’s international fan base.