The new multi-spoke wheels by Kahn Design, enhance the world’s most beautiful Ferrari models, encircling the 488, F12, 599, G24 Luso, 488, 458 and 812 models with the utmost luxury.

This new 22” rear and 21” front multi-spoke alloy wheels exude boldly three dimensional forms and clear-cut lines, which further accentuate the sporty character of the vehicles in question.

Designed to take original centre caps, the forging process made it possible to create a much lighter wheel; hence this particular automotive accessory personifies a high-tech solution with a distinctive look.

A shining new set of wheels is the perfect boost for a car in need of a new look, and Kahn Design customers can choose from a wide variety of styles to meet their individual needs, requirements, and tastes.

This diverse range includes Satin Black on Satin Diamond as shown, Shadow Chrome, Gloss Black and other finishes to special order, simply check through the stock available to find one that suits you and your car best, or call one of our sales representatives on: 01274 74 99 99 or e-mail

If you're looking for alloys that will give your Ferrari a unique but practical style, then come and see what Kahn Design has to offer; there's a great selection for you to choose from and your car will certainly appreciate the new makeover.