The portrayal does not quite convey the “audacity” of the design. Light on the wrist, and radiant in design, the Vesuvius black and orange timepiece sets the standard for comfortable wearing as well as reading.

Featuring shimmering manifestations of Afzal Kahn’s most exemplary design, the Vesuvius timepiece evokes orange and black livery.

Paying tribute to the legendary Kahn Vesuvius edition, this is a timepiece that you will almost feel guilty for liking.

And If the Vesuvius timepiece shows up on your wrist, rest assured it will not only probably outlive you and your next generation but the timepiece will remain a safe investment for resale at an auction, albeit some years from now.

The personification of consummate style, the resolutely avant-garde Vesuvius model is teamed with a stylish hand sewn Vesuvius orange leather strap and deployment clasp. A Stainless steel case is simple yet striking, whilst the contrasting deep face and blank numerals on the inner bezel ring lend a touch of colour, typical of a Kahn dashboard speedometer, allowing you to admire the choice you have made.

Bound for the history books, this exquisite British design, retailing at £332.50 has successfully undergone rigorous tests conducted at the Swiss official chronometer testing institute.

The Kahn accessory range is growing rapidly with more products on their way very soon. We continually invest in new product development and leading technology to ensure we continue to create products of distinction.

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