Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk Edition models retain a huge 36 percent more value than a standard Jeep Wrangler model, according to the latest quarterly figures released by the vehicle valuation agency, CAP.

CAP assessed every single aspect of the vehicle, from external body styling, exhaust systems, wheels and a plethora of bespoke interior upgrades.

The report found that the Black Hawk continues to outperform the market. The absence of the Land Rover Defender, and enhanced used quality of Afzal Kahn’s design has only served to ensure The Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk Edition adds value and quality to the Jeep Wrangler.

C.E.O and chief designer of the Kahn Group, believes the results reflect the dedication of the Chelsea Truck Company to improve not just the overall styling of the Jeep Wrangler, but to add value and quality.

"I am delighted to find CAP’s figures confirm, not only is it a great looking car, it is an incredibly shrewd investment.

“The value of high quality customised vehicles with the Chelsea Truck Company and Project Kahn badge is only increasing.”

The Kahn Group has been working with independent trade specialists CAP for a number of years, commissioning a quarterly report to assess the residual value of its Project Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company vehicles.