A spectacular supercar rally headed by none other than Afzal Kahn, proved to be a huge hit with petrol heads.

Thousands of visitors to London looked on as traffic came to standstill as Afzal Kahn’s Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk edition and Bugatti Veyron were joined by an explosion of V8s and V12s.

The vehicles gathered in orderly rows as the convoy suddenly leapt from traffic light to traffic light, weaving among buses and taxis, as preoccupied Londoners suddenly started to pay attention.

Afzal cemented his status as the man who can bring the ‘biggest show on wheels in London’ into the capital’s streets.

Kahn Design’s Tim Le Pont is looking forward to taking part in more events hosted by Afzal and his friends.

“It was just utterly awesome and from the moment we set off, it took on a whole personality of its own," said Tim.

“I wouldn’t have missed it for all the trophies in Louis Hamilton’s cupboard.”

Afzal Kahn summed up the event by taking to Instagram and posting an image with the following caption: “So much fun, thanks to all involved, sorry if I’ve missed you out!”

Look out for more turbo charged events in the coming weeks and months ahead, all of which will be publicised on Mr.Kahn’s Instagram page.