When it comes to the business of bespoke cars, Afzal Kahn is the man you want in your corner, say Tempus Magazine.

In an exclusive interview, the “automotive fashion designer”, unique in the industry for being the first Briton to have been commissioned by Aston Martin to build a coach built vehicle.

His custom-built Aston MartinVengeance – featuring the engine, gearbox and suspension of a modern Aston Martin DB9 with an all-new hand-built aluminium body, bespoke wheels and more – hit headlines when it was unveiled in 2015 and is still making waves.

Under the banner of his businesses’ Kahn Design, Chelsea Truck Company and Project Kahn, the entrepreneurial designer has also brought us vehicles such as the Flying Huntsman 105 Pickup, a bespoke 4x4 that started life as a Land Rover Defender, and his latest projects can be found at his showrooms on Kensington High Street and Kings Road, Chelsea.

With a discerning clientele from around the world, Kahn has no shortage of wild customisation ideas to inspire his quest to build the ultimate in one-off luxury cars. And for the man who trained as an architect before becoming a self-taught designer, engineer and manufacturer, it\'s only fitting that he should take a holistic view of what’s become a driving ambition and labour of love.

To read the entire article, please pick up issue 57 of Tempus Magazine.