Are you a daredevil stuntman who is attracted to danger and spectacle?

Nothing compares to heart pumping adrenaline. It’s addictive. Imagine dangling from a Kahn vehicle in a high speed chase on a windy mountain road?

Dodging evil doers and seeing them crash or fall off a cliff as you drive away in your Kahn branded vehicle will make film lovers drool.

However, there is something missing, a personalised registration to be precise!

The 51 UNT registration will mark you out as the faceless hero of film and television.
No longer will you be known as an individual who simply dodges bullets, leaps out of airplanes or takes part in fight scenes.

You will be known as the consummate professional, who meticulously and professionally acts out the most catastrophic of scenes without causing injury.

Cherished Registrations

If you own a special car, the 51 UNT number plate will significantly add to the value of the vehicle. There are other advantages, too and our experienced team are happy to advise you on which one is the best fit for you.

Come and have a no obligation chat and we will see what we can do for you.

The fact of the matter is, Kahn Design has the most exclusive number plate collection in the UK, without a doubt.

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