At Kahn Design we have some of the most exclusive number plate collections in the UK, with many much sought after registrations to choose from.

As chief executive officer, you are the highest-ranking person in your company; therefore, you are ultimately responsible for taking managerial decisions.

The car you drive is a tribute to your profession thus far: you embody success.
There is only one thing missing – an exclusive registration.

However, help is at hand, we have the ideal registration for you.


This special number plate will mark you out as the top executive who is responsible for the organisation’s overall operations and performance.

This is the ideal registration because it sends a very serious message to each and all: your persona and image are of paramount importance.

Ideal Investment

Personalised number plates often hold their value well, so they are seen as an excellent investment.

If you would like the “4 CEO” number plate for yourself get your P.A to get in touch, or feel free to visit our H.Q in Yorkshire or our boutiques in Chelsea or Kensington and we would be more than happy to help.