Allow Project Kahn to create a bespoke interior for your Range Rover Sport.

Our studio tailors luxury bespoke vehicles for individuals who desire unparalleled vehicles and the company viewpoint is to always give the client what they aspire for.

Our team spends many hours developing and refining our concepts to the point of perfection.

Every interior is designed to make a statement in itself and our clients enjoy the Kahn experience as much as the finished article.

One discerning customer asked for her family crest to be stitched within the interior of her Project Kahn Range Rover.

Another, anonymous client ordered a set of identical cars for himself and his twin brother.

It is important to remember, a vehicle interior need not to be a stereotypical caricature. It is possible to capture subtle influences and recreate a resonant design with a contemporary feel.

The decorative potential of light and shadow typically distils the boldness of vibrant colours in an expression of nuance, hue and pigment variation, allowing you to create a space of opulent beauty tempered by an aura of contemplation and reflection.

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Alternatively, please feel free to visit our showrooms in Chelsea, Kensington or head office in Yorkshire.