The Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk edition is amongst the pantheon of vehicles that have an almost mythical prestige.

A fine premium Black Hawk edition designed by Afzal Kahn himself is far more of a status symbol than a standard model.

Granted, the factory model is generally regarded to be one of the finest vehicles ever known, an iconic American vehicle.

What distinguishes the Black Hawk however is that discerning customers are more than willing to pay a premium to bejewel their vehicle with Chelsea Truck Company styling packages and branding.

In other words, they desire a mellow, smoother, richer vehicle, more honeyed if you like; easy enough to drive and attention-grabbing making the driver feel like a true hero of our time.

This particular model is adorned with a Volcanic Rock exterior along with aggressive looking wide wheel arches, a four slot grille, Shadow Chrome headlights with LED Tron ring lights and horizontal LED daytime running lights.

Adding to the more aggressive look up front is an Iron Man bonnet with integrated vents. A fuel filler cap and mirrors also come as part of the package along with a spare wheel cover.

To complete the rugged styling package, the Chelsea Truck Company gave the vehicle a set of alloy wheels with deep concave centres with all terrain tyres (Set of 4), painted brake callipers and a quad cross-hair exhaust system.

Inside, one will find a high-end, custom-tailored leather interior. Both the front and rear seats are adorned with soft quilted and perforated honeycomb leather with contrasting top stitching. The same leather design is also fitted to the centre glove box and arm rests.

The new Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk Wide Track is available in a choice of satin exterior colours and leather interior finishes.

Furthermore, the new Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk Wide Track is available to order in left- or right-hand drive with petrol or diesel engines, for £49,999.

Chelsea Truck Company Specification

• Chelsea Truck Company Spare Wheel Cover
• Fuel Filler Cap in Satin Black
• Horizontal LED Running Lights
• Mud Flaps (Toughened Rubber) - Set of 4
• Tron Ring Lighting
• Armrests Re-Upholstered in Quilted & Perforated Leather
• Centre Glovebox Re-Upholstered in Quilted & Perforated Leather
• Door Entry Sill Plates in Stainless Steel
• Floor Mats (Toughened Rubber)
• Heated Front Seat Elements
• Vented Foot Pedals in Machined Aluminium
• 4 Slot Chelsea Truck Company Grille (Black Hawk)
• Complete Front Bumper Replacement
• Front & Rear Wide Wings with Integrated Vents & Bolt Apertures
• Iron Man Vented Bonnet
• 245x75x17" Tyres (Extra Load) Set of 4