At Kahn Design you can buy the perfect personalised number plate for every individual and occasion.

The Prime Minister probably doesn't sit behind the wheel these days. As commander in chief, Theresa May is probably too busy attending to the nation's business.

However, if Mrs May was to entertain the head of the CIA in London, there is only one special number plate that would extend special privileges to the CIA’s head honcho.

The prestigious CIA 1 number plate will intimate that you have what it takes to indulge in the shadowy, yet glamorous world of international espionage.

Suave, debonair, elegant; the C1A 1 number plate would be the perfect fit for Jason Bourne himself.

Slide into a vehicle adorned with this plate and a drive through London, and being associated with the cream of the C1A (albeit fictitious), will mark you out as a mysterious yet interesting individual.

Rest assured, the value of high quality cherished plates is only increasing. At the very least, they are holding their value.

If you’ve got a classic car, the right plate will add to the value of the vehicle. On any other vehicle, the right plate will enhance its prestige. There are other advantages, too and our experienced team will advise you on which one is the best fit for you.

We can proudly state that we have never and will never give poor advice.

Come and have a no obligation chat and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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