It’s no secret that when it comes to timepieces, the Chelsea Truck Company is at the epicentre of outstanding craftsmanship and design.

Simply having a coveted Chelsea Truck Company embossed watch, is akin to wearing a coveted jewel, such is the prestige associated with the brand.

Rest assured, the Expedition, Drivers, Vesuvius and Volcanic range of timepieces are perfect gifts for the discerning individual.

Allow Kahn News to tell you more about our current range of exquisite watches.

Chelsea Truck Company Expedition Timepiece

For those looking to shop online and buy a truly magnificent Swiss Made timepiece, the Chelsea Truck Company expedition timepiece is hand a crafted watch in its purest form.

The Expedition is adorned with a plethora of functions, allowing the owner to appreciate the rich variety of details on the dials and the sporty face.

The Expedition timepiece is the ideal watch to be around your wrist, as you drive in the most rugged of terrain or in an elegant neighbourhood.

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Chelsea Truck Company Drivers Watch

The Chelsea Truck Company Drivers Watch is dedicated to the off-roader with true heart and soul, who personifies exploring the unknown.

With a subtly redesigned steel case, distinctive dial which features a date indication, this fine robust and functional Swiss made timepiece is designed to meet the demands of professional drivers and provides precise synchronisation.

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Chelsea Truck Company Vesuvius Watch

The Chelsea Truck Company Vesuvius Watch characterises an impressive amalgamation of contemporary aerodynamic design and archetypal craftsmanship.

What makes this luxury timepiece so diverse and alluring is the Afzal Kahn touch.

Designed by principal British designer himself, the glistening silhouette of this timepiece will leave a distinct impression – allowing you to approve of and wear a much sought after and exclusive timepiece.

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