Being lucky enough to own a distinguished and stylish vehicle, only to ruin the image by climbing aboard or disembarking in a not so suave manner seems rather short sighted. Luckily, the Chelsea Truck Company has a solution to help you avoid such a faux-pas in the form of their new automatically deployable electronic side step.

Available for both two and four door Jeep Wrangler models, this is the ultimate addition to an already enviable vehicle. And whilst it is a practical and convenient feature, you may also find yourself enjoying this pleasing piece of design for its own sake.

Costing just £2,100.00 (including VAT) and fitted for £480.00 (including VAT) the Jeep Wrangler electronic side step is now available on the Chelsea Truck Company website. Alternatively call one of our sales executives on  01274 749 999.