The latest analysis from automotive valuation experts CAP showcases a considerable uplift in the residual value of the Chelsea Truck Company Land Rover Defender ‘The End’ Edition, when compared to the standard vehicle, according to the independent vehicle valuation authority CAP.

Making an appearance for the first time, the uplift for the ‘End Edition’ is a staggering 40% above the CAP Black Book value of the standard Defender model on which it is based.

CAP Black Book is used as the industry benchmark for vehicle value and comprehensive valuation data for the majority of cars on the market.

Chief Designer, Afzal Kahn, believes the figures are ample proof, vehicles adorned with the Chelsea Truck Company and Project Kahn badge are much sought after, in the UK and beyond.

“The Land Rover Defender ‘The End’ Edition represents the pinnacle of luxury and tradition of such an iconic vehicle, and we are pleased to see that the high quality of materials and craftsmanship which goes into each vehicle we produce is recognised in the resale value for these exceptional models.”

The analysis showcases the latest set of uplift figures from CAP for Quarter 1 – January 2017, showcasing the significant residual value on Project Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company vehicles that continue to be maintained at values significantly in excess of the standard vehicles on which they are based:

Jeep Wrangler CJ CAP Black Book Value +12%
Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk CAP Black Book Value +35%
*Land Rover Defender The End Edition CAP Black Book Value +40%
Range Rover Evoque LE CAP Black Book Value +22%
Range Rover Sport LE CAP Black Book Value +16.5%
Range Rover LE CAP Black Book Value +14%
Range Rover RS CAP Black Book Value +14%
Range Rover Pace Car CAP Black Book Value +18%