It isn't an exaggeration to say that the iPhone has revolutionised our lives. Never before has it been so easy to access information and as a consequence we've become used to being bombarded with news and updates.

Motorists can check e-mails, update their social media status when they stop for a break, virtually anywhere in the world and look up interesting places and roads on the Internet.

But there is so much more to Apple's finest than that. Read's guide to Smartphone apps that every petrol head needs, there are some great gadgets out there that even the most discerning Project Kahn customer will yearn for.


LV (known as Liverpool Victoria to older readers) recently launched a great app which is not only useful for those who are insured with the company.

Useful charms include live traffic information, and a very useful accident toolkit.  This tool kit provides some great advice and tells you what to do if you have a bump and what information to record.

It even goes as far as providing a detailed template so that you don't miss anything and includes a neat little camera function within it to record car damage and positions. If you're an LV customer, you can call them direct to report an accident.

And the best thing about this app is that it's totally free…..!

Copilot live

For a number of years, drivers have been venturing into unchartered territory via the TomTom and the plethora of sat nav gadgets out there.

However, the CoPilot app uses inbuilt GPS to pinpoint your location; with that simple information it becomes, quite simply, the best in-car GPS on the market without the headache of the TomTom because it's regularly updated, and it has all the fatures that you need and none that you don't.

Buy an iPhone cradle for your car, buy this app and you'll never get lost again.

Road trip

Essentially Road trip keeps track of how much fuel you've used, as well as any other car-related expense, and displays the cost-per-mile in a graph. So, in short, it transforms record keeping for even of the most discerning petrol head and it's quite useful for workers who run the miles down; no more scraps of paper recording mileage covered and fuel bought and no more (literally) back-of-a-fag-packet calculations to convert litres to gallons.

Basically, anyone who wants to keep track of what they're spending on their car will appreciate this useful app.

It handles all currencies, capacities, units, and expenses with ease and you can export the data to your home PC or Mac to ensure you've got a backup copy.

Servicing and MOT reminders? No problem, it'll tell you when you need to get your hands dirty too. You can also record tyre sizes (to monitor how long they last), fuel tank capacity (to predict range), and road trips.

Quite a useful app, don't you agree?

A glass of water

Aptly titles: Glass of water is an app that was released by Toyota as part of their 'zero emission' initiative. Despite being a bit worthy it's a good application and will make you a smoother driver – and, as we all know, if you want to be fast, first you need to be smooth!

It logs the likes of consumption but its best feature is, as you'd expect, a graphic of a glass of water and you need to drive without spilling any. Compulsive and far harder than it sounds, just make sure that you concentrate on the road as well as your iphone.

You can also upload your figures online and turn it into a bit of a competition too.