After debuting the WB12 Vengeance to critical acclaim at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Kahn Design is set to unveil another exciting coachbuilt model in March 2017.

Afzal Kahn will unveil a second WB12 model in the form of the Vengeance Volante, a powerfully built convertible that observers and media colleagues alike will be able to feast their eyes upon.

The very essence of a contemporary British supercar, the Vengeance Volante takes inspiration from the original Aston Martin Vanquish and is based on Aston Martin’s VH architecture.

Bespoke longevity

This two door retro convertible is well-designed and pleasing to the eye.

A stimulating amalgamation of bespoke longevity, engineering and elegance, every proportion of the vehicle works in stunning unison thanks to the wide front and rear wings - crafted in aluminium - signature bonnet bulge, and carefully sculpted rear.

The front is embellished with a composite front bumper, carbon fibre splitter and billet aluminium grille. It rolls on 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels.


Designing and manufacturing the Vengeance Volante is a real labour of love, taking an extraordinary 200 hours to assemble each example - bear in mind that most mass-produced vehicles take an average of around 50 hours to make.

Outstanding attention to details is evident throughout the Vengeance Volante. This is the principle which defines Afzal Kahn’s design viewpoint.


Wherever you find this vehicle regardless of the country and city, one will find that it is chic and beautifully asymmetrical.

Designed with flair and true British style, each Kahn Design product is handmade by expert craftsmen and embodies the attention to detail the company is renowned for.


The interior is sumptuously comfortable and refined, with only the most exclusive leather clothing the driver and passenger seats.

Buyers can fashion the interior of their dreams – we have thousands of colours available to choose from, so why not create an interior to match your favourite designer shirt or shoes. We would love to work with you to make your individual Vengeance model.

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