Discover the Chelsea Truck Company range of timepieces.

Whilst you are out and about in your Chelsea Truck Company Land Rover Defender or Jeep Wrangler, you really need to keep track of time.

As we all know, when you are enjoying yourself time does indeed fly and what better way to keep track of time than a Chelsea Truck Company timepiece.

Suitable for men & women, the Expedition, Drivers, Vesuvius and Volcanic range of timepieces are perfect gifts for the discerning individual.

Allow Kahn News to tell you more about our current range of exquisite watches.

Chelsea Truck Company Expedition Timepiece

The Chelsea Truck Company Expedition watch is revered for its casual yet purposeful allure. The hour markers and broad hands are reserved for professional off-roaders and remain extremely readable in all situations.

The Expedition timepiece is at home on the most rugged of terrain as well as on the open road or in an elegant neighbourhood.

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Chelsea Truck Company Drivers Watch

The Chelsea Truck Company Drivers Watch is a true symbol of universal and classic style.

With a subtly redesigned steel case, distinctive dial which features a date indication, this fine robust and functional Swiss made timepiece is designed to meet the demands of professional drivers and provides precise synchronisation.

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Chelsea Truck Company Vesuvius Watch

Thanks to aesthetics and functions that transcend changes in fashion, the Vesuvius timepiece is the modern archetype of Afzal Kahn’s classic vehicle design.

One of the most recognised and sought after watches, its combination of unequalled functionality and good looks has attracted a diverse clientele, who admire the robustness and versatile appearance that makes the Chelsea Truck Company Vesuvius watch eminently suitable for off-roading and, indeed, for any occasion.

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Chelsea Truck Company Volcanic Watch

The days go by in an immeasurable cycle: yesterday, today, tomorrow. Each day that passes is different, each second is valuable.

The Chelsea Truck Company Volcanic timepiece adds another function to the indication of minutes and seconds: a date display imbued with elegance, tradition and poetry.

An icon perpetually joined in name and function to the high intensity world of those who love exploration and voyage.

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