Afzal Kahn is used to being the focus for discussion worldwide.

The principal British designer is currently the focus of discussion in a great new book by acclaimed author, Mohammed Bhana.

Mohammed's book – The Asian Liver Bird – an official Liverpool Football Club publication carries a very interesting piece about the principal designer.

Although Afzal Kahn is not a big football fan himself; he is more than happy to speak about how his story somewhat resonates with that of Bill Shankly in terms of having a vision and seeing it through.

And tellingly, most of the staff at A.Kahn Design follow Liverpool.

The company's production manager explains how complete strangers have joined in with the office banter: “Talking about Liverpool is a great way to break the ice with customers. It's not done intentionally, it just happens,” he says.

“We had a customer in our office waiting for some paper work. We asked him if he was ok, but we got the impression he wanted to be left alone.

“I logged on to and read an interview with Fernando Torres. I told the guys why I believe he will stay at Liverpool for many years.

“This guy, who was silent for about 10 minutes, sprang to life. He said that Torres would never leave the most successful club in the land. We just looked at each other thinking, 'who is this guy?'

“I stopped him in his tracks and said 'You trying to tell me about Liverpool?'

“Half an hour later we are still arguing about Torres and no one knows who this guy is. He has since been back a few times and the first topic of conversation is Liverpool Football Club. Customers love to join in with the banter. However, Manchester United and Everton supporters come prepared as they have to take a lot of stick.”

The Asian Liver Bird is available on special offer for all Kahn customers via and all good bookshops.