We recently brought you news of model maker, Herman Nijhof who was in the process of building a remote controlled Flying Huntsman 6X6 Land Rover Defender.

Herman, who is currently holidaying in Europe, packed his model Defender with him, to take with him on his travels.

These latest photographs, sent in by the Dutch model maker, showcase that the Flying Huntsman 6X6 Land Rover Defender model is indeed the epitome of cool.

The premise here is quite simple: this is a six-wheeled Defender model like no other.

Herman’s model is rather intricate, with the attention to detail nothing short of stunning.

Herman’s range of upgrades gives the model a striking appearance – a Volcanic Rock colour scheme, front wings with integrated vents and wide rear wings in light weight composite, X-Lander front grille and headlamp surrounds, replacement front bumper with tron ring lights, fog lights and Shadow Chrome headlights exude class.

As for the interior - a dashboard, speedo, rev clock, seats, radio console and exquisite detailing showcases the amount of sophistication involved in creating such a unique interior.

If you come across Herman and his Kahn Defender models, do feel free to take some images and connect with us via our official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.