The Land Rover Defender was built to drive off road.

The next best thing however, is to take a remote controlled Flying Huntsman 6X6 Land Rover Defender model and guide watch it drive and splash around in a waterlogged area full of puddles.

Model Maker; Herman Nijhof has been living every school boys dream and has had a great deal of fun taking his Huntsman 6x6 model for a splash.

The Dutch model maker seems to have employed a variety of special techniques that ensured he had the opportunity to take some amazing images.

Based on Herman’s experience we believe the Huntsman 6X6 model is capable of going all in difficult conditions.

If anyone has seen the Huntsman model during heavy rain, feel free to share your views & feedback.

Take a look at the image gallery, and let us know what you think of Herman’s latest exploits.