Allow The Coolest Dad In Scotland To Show You His Project Kahn Range Rover.

Scotland may be the Land of William Wallace and the Scottish Highlands, however in the modern era; it is also home to the coolest dad in the country!

And who is this noble gentleman you may ask? And who conferred such a title upon him?

The man in question is Craig Brown, and he is indeed, the coolest man in Scotland because his son, Carson says so!

Craig received the title, upon driving his Project Kahn Range Rover RS300 Range Rover Sport home for the first time.

Kahn News caught up with the man himself, to find out more.

Craig, who was on the lookout for a Range Rover Sport, initially asked a friend to sell him a Bali Blue Project Kahn Range Rover to no avail: “I had no luck trying to buy my friends car,” says Craig who admits he is very demanding when it comes to buying vehicles. “When I found the RS300, I had to have it. I bought it there and then without even taking a test drive.”

Upon driving the vehicle home, the reaction from friends, family and observers was phenomenal: “I was flooded with compliments, my family loved it and my friends could not wait to check out the aggressive stance, the colour combination and the absolute class Kahn interior.”

The vehicle’s biggest fan is Craig’s son, Carson, who has told his dad not to swap or sell the vehicle.

“I have been warned by Carson to keep this vehicle,” laughs Craig. “He is car daft and absolutely in love with the Range Rover.

“In the past 10 years, the longest I have kept a car is 8 months.”

It would be safe to assume, Craig is the coolest dad in the neighbourhood, as the school run is the highlight of Carson’s day.

“The school run is excellent for my son, he comes out with different friends each time, showing them the different components. He is certainly Mr popular at school.

”According to Craig, it is the norm to see Project Kahn or Chelsea Truck Company vehicles on the road in Scotland.

“I have seen a number of Project Kahn Range Rover models in Scotland where I live in Glasgow but I don't think anyone else gets the looks, comments and thumbs ups that I receive during driving around. I’m used to people in town constantly taking pictures."

Although Craig has not visited Kahn H.Q, it is definitely on his to do list: “It's definitely something I would like to do and tease myself with some super cars that I will hopefully own in the future.

“Meeting Mr Kahn himself would be excellent and it would be an honour to meet the man behind putting the best customised vehicles on the road. I'm obviously very familiar with Project Kahn, as I follow the latest news and also watch Supercar Megabuild.

“I love what Kahn does to all its cars, they keep everything classy and luxurious but at the same time, the vehicles look aggressive look, they are works of art.” And what is it about scenic locations such as Loch Lomond and Helensburgh that is so enticing for Craig to spend time out there?

“The scenic locations make for the best drives, because when we are not working, we love to drive and find places to have dinner or stay over and sometimes we just love a drive into the hills to take the dog a walk.”

As long as Craig keeps driving a Project Kahn Range Rover, in Scotland or beyond, Caron will no doubt have the coolest Dad in Scotland!