With over 30 million cars on the UK roads alone, it's relatively surprising that since there's hardly any space to drive, we don't have as many accidents as some countries are accustomed to.

Despite this figure, sadly, somewhere in the region of 2,500 people are killed each year and that's a figure that has to be reduced fast.

More often than not, it's 'human' error which leads to crashes, but we have to try and be as aware as possible of our surroundings and stay as safe as possible, hence kahnnews.com has taken the liberty to present to you: an idiot's guide to driving safely.

Plan ahead don't wait until the last second!

Even the most experienced drivers have off days, however, it must be said there is simply no excuse at all for not planning ahead whilst driving. How many times have you driven up a road and not looked ahead and as a result have had to push the breaks harshly or pull in and wait to avert a minor or in some cases a major incident?

By simply looking ahead and checking your mirrors - be it during peak time traffic or when you are on a journey, you can save yourself some potentially valuable seconds and minutes.

Using the car daily is very useful indeed, therefore, it's imperative to have eagle eyes to spot and deal with possible dangers before they even become hazards.  

Having said all this, when was the last time you went for an eye test? For most of us, the last time we took some form of an eye test was when we had re-assured the driving test examiner our eyes are fine by reading a few number plates from a distance.

So booking an eye test wouldn't exactly go amiss now, would it?

No need to horn!

Most of us use the horn to vent our anger at drivers who are obviously 'need to learn how to drive', this is frequently followed by some unimaginative use of the English language and finger movements.

It must be said, however, the horn is not designed for all of the above. The horn should ideally used as a warning to let fellow drivers know that you are nearby. It will help if you use it appropriately, that we can assure you!

Looking good!

Now the vain ones amongst us do like to take a cheeky glance at our reflection when they walk past a shop window.

And the ultra vain one's amongst us, like to go that little bit further by looking at their hairstyles and all the adjusting malarkey in the mirror whilst driving, and admiring their reflections in shop windows as they drive through the town.

Well, if you really feel the need to look at yourself, do it whilst you are parked up. A clearer picture of what lies ahead is rather imperative, so parking somewhere safe is preferable, or if on long journeys, simply tend to your dodgy barnet at a service station or something!

In all honesty though, spotting potential problems that may be heading your way is surely much more important than looking at your own mug whilst driving.

A straight wait

Now very few people actually know this, but it's imperative to keep your front tyres pointing straight ahead as you wait for a gap to cross. Be careful and remember to only turn the steering wheel when you are going to move. This is because if you wait with your wheels pointing to the right and you get hit from behind, you'll be shunted across to the right and into the patch of oncoming traffic.

Look out for part 2 of this feature in the coming days ahead..