If the latest research commissioned by contract leasing is anything to go by, washing the car is now a chore taken on by the man of the house.

Over 1700 people were asked how they washed their cars. And when asked whether another member of the family washed the car instead, 23 per cent of women said yes compared to just 4 per cent of men.

While 55% of men said they washed it themselves at home, only 37% of women said the same.

Earlier this year research from Sainsbury's Car Insurance showed that 26% of women admitted to neglecting to carry out monthly safety checks on their cars, compared to a paltry 16% of men.

In the same survey, three fifths (62%) of all motorists said they don't check their tyres every month, and 50% don't even check their windscreen wipers. Even screen wash level is neglected by 40% of people, which could lead to it running out and leaving a potentially hazardous dirty windscreen.

Ben Tyte, Head of Sainsbury's Car Insurance said: “Every day, we make considerations that will keep ourselves and our family healthy and safe, and we should apply the same train of thought to ensuring our cars are safe. It's simple, straightforward and requires just a few minutes to carry out basic checks.”

Wonder who washes Afzal Kahn's car? certainly not the staff at Kahn news!

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