Kahn Design’s presence at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show drew much acclaim, with the assembled press dedicating many column inches and web columns to Afzal Kahn’s most desirable vehicles.

With the 2016 Geneva Show ending on a rather positive note, only two of the vehicles that were exhibited at the Geneva show are available to buy.

Allow Kahn News to tell you more.


Afzal Kahn himself lifted the veil on the Vengeance, at the Geneva Show to rapturous applause.

Inspired by the Aston Martin designs of the 1980s and 90s, the hand built Vengeance is a coach built two door coupe based on a new Aston Martin DB9 chassis.

The vehicle comes with Aston Martin’s blessing: "There is a long and rich history of specialist coach-built Aston Martins," said the company's purchasing director Gary Archer, "and we wish Kahn every success with the Vengeance."

Automotive experts and media colleagues alike believe the Vengeance is expected to represent extremely good value for a limited edition coach built car.

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Madeira over Kirsch Range Rover Vogue – RS Pace Car 

The Black Kirsch over Madeira Red Project Kahn Range Rover Vogue – RS Pace Car was one of the most popular vehicles on display at the Kahn Design stand.

Contrasted with a floating roof, side vents, tailgate strip and chin spoiler in Piano Black - the vehicle is available as a 3.0L and 4.4L diesel as well as a 5.0L petrol variant.

Like the Imperial Blue RS Pace Car, the vehicle features a wide range of exterior and interior upgrades that set it apart from the standard model.

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