The Vengeance, one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2016 is set to be unveiled to the world in the coming days ahead.

As the build up continues, Kahn News would like to give readers a behind the scenes look at Kahn headquarters, as the firm plays its part in Britain's car industry renaissance.


We are talking about the Vengeance, a ‘coach built two door retro classic coupe’, based on an Aston Martin DB9.

The company announced in May, that the car will feature widened rear wings, a ‘signature’ bonnet bulge, aluminium wide-body kit, an aluminium roof and aluminium doors.

The model also features a composite front bumper, a carbon fibre front splitter, a billet aluminium grille and 21” rear and 20” front tyres.

Kahn H.Q

Afzal Kahn’s shiny, bright HQ houses a vast number of design staff, the factory, which is also attached to its offices, is open 6 days a week with hundreds of cars leaving the premises every year.

An unprecedented amount of love and attention goes into building each one, all the way from the design team to the production line giving it a stamp of quality.

As we enter the design office, we stop to watch the designers in progress.

The design process is there to make it smoother and combine its heritage of quality with a future making state-of-the-art cars.

With designers working closely together, it made sense to switch to one tool, Autodesk Alias, an industrial design software that helps designers capture ideas digitally, enabling a seamless flow of surfaces all the way from the designer's initial sketch to production, this accelerates the design process.


Quite simply, Afzal Kahn has fulfilled his lifelong ambition to create a car he deemed worthy to drive.

He said: “launching the Vengeance is the realisation of a dream I’ve had since childhood, to design and produce my own car. I’ve worked in the industry my whole career, and I want to leave a legacy which I can be proud of.

“The design has gone through several iterations over the years and I’ve taken my time in selecting the right partners to prototype and manufacture the car, ensuring it represents the pinnacle of quality and perfection.”

The vehicle is likely to appeal to collectors and investors alike due to the hand built nature and limited production run.

Design Wizards

Designing a car means drawing on the arts of the past.

The Vengeance has been described by the company as a ‘coach built two door retro classic coupe’, in a move reminiscent of the early days of motoring when craftsmen would be commissioned to create a custom vehicle body upon a pre-manufactured chassis.

In the case of Vengeance, it will be built on a new chassis of an Aston Martin DB9, with the original underlying structure of the car remaining unaltered.

It’s clear it takes exceptional care and attention to hand-assemble such a unique vehicle. For example, one member of the trim shop will make all the seats for the vehicle; one will do all the intricate stitch work and another dashboard.

It takes approximately 200 hours to assemble each model - as a point of contrast many best-selling cars take less than 50 hours to build in total.

The process means each member of Afzal Kahn’s design staff can see the car come together and know they have had a huge hand in building it.

Feeling Lucky? 

For those who will fork out six figures for the Vengeance, wherever in the world they hail from, they get what they pay for.

Buyers get a vehicle that has been expertly hand-crafted by Afzal Kahn’s team of designers who take their time and get it done right, all the way from the design team to the production workers.

So who is buying these Aston Martins and where will end up?

When the launch does take place, no doubt this painstakingly crafted car will be the talk of the automotive world.

Join us at the Kahn Design stand (6338), at 3:30 on the 1st of March to celebrate the official launch of the Vengeance.

Kahn News will keep readers updated.