The major automakers won't be the only ones with new metal to showcase in Geneva next month, so will coachbuilders like Kahn Design.

Noah Joesph of Autoblog, gives his view ahead of the launch.

The British outfit is rolling into the Swiss expo this year with the long-awaited Vengeance, its own take on the Aston Martin DB9.

We first caught wind of the Vengeance project in May – just after a similar project by Henrik Fisker was quashed.

But unlike the proposed Fisker Thunderbolt, Kahn secured Gaydon's blessing in developing the Vengeance: "Aston Martin has entered into a supply agreement with Kahn Design," AML spokesman Kevin Watters confirmed to Autoblog at the time, "and will supply a very limited number of DB9s for an extensive coachbuild conversion."

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