Land Rover Defender production may have come to an end last week after 68 years, but that did not stop model maker Herman Nijhof pay tribute to the iconic vehicle.

Herman has taken steps to prolong the legend with these images of his Flying Huntsman 105 Longnose Defender model.

Photographed alongside some very London centric points of interest, this Defender model is the epitome of Cool Britannia.

With an elongated bonnet, a stunning exterior, Chelsea Truck Company spare wheel cover and exquisite 1939 retro deep dish wheels, the Huntsman 105 model is the first one of its kind.

Look carefully towards the front and the head and fog lights are also connected, making quite an impression.

As for the interior - a dashboard, speedo, rev clock, seats, radio console and exquisite detailing showcases the amount of sophistication involved in creating such a unique interior.

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