Having designed a Project Kahn Vogue for the X Box game, Forza Motorsport, Kahn Design fan Thomas Little has gone that one step further and has designed a Chelsea Truck Company Defender Wide Track.

The images showcases the attention to detail Thomas has used in his quest to create what he would describe as the perfect Chelsea Truck Company Defender to play in Forza.

The stunning images showcase the painstaking detailing to detail and rigorous craftsmanship Thomas has employed to create a Photoshop render of the Defender Wide Track.

Looking rather sleek in the Volcanic Rock colour scheme chosen by Thomas, the vehicle is adorned with a sump guard that sits below the front bumper replacement, vents and bolt apertures and front, rear wide wings that are extended outwards and 16" Defend 1948 wheels in Satin Black.

As far as Thomas is concerned there is no compromise – a Kahn or Chelsea Truck Company branded vehicle would be his first choice, be it in the form of a computer game or in real life!

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