I’ve just heard that Oliver and Ian Mitchell (father and son) now trading as WILDCAT have put QT Services down this week owing lots of people money.

Those two have previously been directors of 20 other companies between them that have been dissolved or liquidated – we had nothing but trouble from our dealings with QT/Wildcat and the Mitchells and will be interested to compare notes with all the creditors and others who have had dealings with QT or any claims against them, like us.

I will be look forward to dealing with the liquidator.

I have heard that the Mitchells are trying to attract private investment into one of the Wildcat companies – be aware that Wildcat Automotive Limited is currently Experian rated “Maximum Risk”, has failed to file its accounts and is about to be struck off/dissolved.

What is going on in this industry why do we allow people like this to get away with it?

Afzal Kahn