Driving is so much more than just getting from one destination to the other, nor is it about accelerating down a roundabout.

It's the little things that please us and perks us up that little bit more – ensuring our day goes swimmingly!

Since it is probably time we appreciated things a lot more, kahnnews would like to take the liberty to show you what you've probably never appreciated before!

Night driving (happy sigh)……

The roads are virtually empty, nonchalance is all around, and time is plentiful.

You feel in some way connected to all those awake at around about the same time, yet you seem to be in a good place with a sense of adventure ahead.

B-roads are the accepted nighttime habitat. You can make the most of incoming bends and you can with ease look out for any vehicles coming towards you by a sizeable distance by their lights long before they emerge within close proximity.

You can drive virtually anywhere at this time in your scintillating Kahn vehicle in relative peace.


New wheels

Evolved through skilled artistic innovation and state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology - Kahn wheels exemplify sophistication and accomplished artistic innovation.

With a set of Kahn wheels - one feels utterly indulgent. Everything feels so much more precise and the elegant and sculpted wheels truly personalise your vehicle – what more could you ask for?

Service station breaks

Undeniably, one of the best bits about long journeys is the chance to take five and simply take a breather at a service station, in the form of a rest, the chance to stock up on snacks and soft drinks, indulge in a quick arcade game with children who are also by now, recharged so to speak.

Potentially, everyone's a winner!

Driving a Clean Car

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out a valeted car with all the trimmings drives so much better than a dirty one. The engine revs are crisp, the brakes seem much stronger and the clutch feels rather flexible.

An hour invested cleaning your car every so often will be repaid many times over – as that fresh smell and uplifting feeling results in a serene detachment of sorts with an appearance fit for your very own presence.

Quality time with your child

Weekdays may not be ideal when it comes to interacting with your child. However, have you ever sat your child in their car seat and heard them waffle on for ever whilst you most earnestly, try not to take your eyes off the road, but the child's infectious enthusiasm just wins you over and you answer every single question your child throws at you whilst happily driving along!

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