Kahn Design vehicles have been featured on the silverscreen with actors such as Tom Cruise taking the helm of a vehicle in some nail biting scenes.

One certain Kahn Design fan has gone one step further and created his ideal Project Kahn vehicle for a popular computer game.

Kahn Design fan Thomas Little explains why he set out to create the ideal Project Kahn Vogue for the X Box game, Forza Motorsport.

What inspired you to design such an image?

As I am a passionate about vehicle personalisation, I wanted to create a custom built Range Rover in Forza Motorsport 6 for the Xbox One but there are no custom options for a Project Kahn vehicle.

Therefore, I decided to take matters in my own hands and came up with a Photoshop render of the Project Kahn Vogue LE Edition.

There is no compromise whether it is in a game or real life - Kahn Design would be my first choice.

What do you think of the colour scheme and the 22" RS wheels on the Project Kahn LE Range Rover?

The entire vehicle looks rather presidential.

The colour scheme is suave whilst the Satin Black RS wheels really make the vehicle stand out in my opinion.

I would compare choosing a set of Kahn wheels to choosing a set of shoes, everybody looks at them and these wheels work perfectly with the vehicle.

I would choose a similar specification if I was to build my very own Project Kahn Range Rover.

Would you like to see Project Kahn vehicles in games such as Forza? If so, why?

I think that it would be amazing if Project Kahn vehicles with Kahn Design accessories were to feature in any computer game, but if I could choose one game, I would say Forza Motorsport due to the quality of the graphics featured in the game.

I believe Project Kahn vehicles would be warmly welcomed by the computer game community. It would be great if more Kahn products were featured because the younger generation would love to play Forza with a Project Kahn vehicle.

What is your favourite Project Kahn, Chelsea Truck Company or Kahn coach built vehicle? 

My favourite Project Kahn vehicle is the 2015 Range Rover Sport LE.  It has the right balance in relation to design and elegance as opposed to just power.

Have you ever been to a Kahn showroom either in Yorkshire or London? 

I have not been to either showrooms but it would be such a good experience to visit one day, as I am a long time fan of the Kahn brand and one day I hope to visit the premises.

What car would you like Afzal Kahn to turn his hand to? 

Personally I would love to see a Black Label Range Rover SVR, complete with the Kahn Design styling package.

I would also like to see a new wheel for the vehicle and one of Afzal Kahn’s famous interiors.

I would produce a limited run of just 10 of these vehicles – this would ensure only the most glamorous of people would buy the vehicle.