For one lucky person, RU55ELS is the perfect number plate - not to mention a fantastic investment.

If you are registration plate connoisseur – then you will be privy to the fact that ‘Russell’ is often associated with the history behind private registrations.

For instance, in 1903, amongst a crowd of people queuing all night outside the offices of the London County Council to secure the A1 registration mark was Earl Russell, who went on to secure the registration.

If you are seeking an investment, then RU55ELS is ideal - not only do private number plates exert a pull on buyers throughout the land; the perceptive amongst us see them as a valid alternative to hoarding money in the bank.

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From the stately 4 HRH registration to NO 1, S50 CER and 00 77, our very own collection includes some of the most sought after collections in the world.

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