View From The Press: Kahn Vengeance First Pics Of Supercar Revealed
James Batchelor, the News Editor at Auto Express gives his view on Kahn's Aston DB9-based bespoke supercar entitled: Vengeance.

Kahn is back with a Vengeance - and here's what it will look like. The British design house has released official shots of its new coachbuilt two-door supercar, based on the Aston Martin chassis. It will be hand-built in limited numbers and is set to go on sale at the end of 2015, with prices expected to start at £250,000.

Codenamed the Vengeance, the hand-built car is designed to hark back to the glory days of British coachbuilding and arrives later this year. The Vengeance uses a Aston Martin chassis, structure and interior but on top sits a brand new body designed to “evoke the silhouette of a sabre tooth on the prowl”.

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