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  • Choose your own personalised number plate: CIA 1

    At Kahn Design you can buy the perfect personalised number plate for every individual and occasion.

    The Prime Minister probably doesn't sit behind the wheel these days. As commander in chief, Theresa May is probably too busy attending to the nation's business.

    However, if Mrs May was to entertain the head of the CIA in London, there is only one special number plate that would extend special privileges to the CIA’s head honcho.

    The prestigious CIA 1 number plate will intimate that you have what it takes to indulge in the shadowy, yet glamorous world of international espionage...

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  • Buy Your Own Personalised Registration: 180

    Shop online for the perfect number plate.

    At Kahn Design you can buy the perfect number plate for every individual and occasion.

    Personalised number plates can have great significance to many UK motorists who see them as an essential fashion accessory for their car.

    One such example is the prestigious 1 80 registration.

    Driving around Central London with this number plate affixed to your car will ensure that you will be the centre of attention wherever you go.

    Darts fans will suspect either Bobby George or Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor are at the helm...

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  • Afzal Kahn’s first 'expensive' Ferrari sold for £41,400

    The first Ferrari owned by Afzal Kahn was recently snapped up at a Bonhams auction for a cool £41,400.

    The pride and joy of Kahn himself for many years, the Ferrari 550 Maranello Coupé was originally purchased by the principal British designer in 1998. Dressed in silver, the 200 mph Grand Tourer was then sold in 2010, to an owner, who held it in a museum ever since and now the car is back on the road.

    This represents excellent value since the car boasts a meager 45k miles on the clock and similar versions start at roughly £50,000...

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  • Want to buy Afzal Kahn’s first Ferrari?

    It is difficult to discuss a Ferrari without a twinge of reverential melancholy. In some cases, blind praise for all things Italian has been misplaced, but in other ones, the superlatives and hyperbole are well-deserved.

    For Afzal Kahn, the name Ferrari brings to mind a 1998 550 Maranello Coupe which is up for auction at Bonhams this month.

    Tellingly, it was the first expensive Ferrari owned by the principal British Designer himself...

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  • Introducing the Ferrari 599 - GTB Fiorano F1 by A. Kahn Design

    It is difficult to discuss a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano F1 without a twinge of reverential melancholy. In some cases, blind praise for all things red and Italian has been misplaced, but in other ones, the superlatives and hyperbole are well-deserved. That said, Afzal Kahn’s latest expression of motoring excellence, the Kahn Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is extraordinary.

    Shrouded in voluptuous nero daytona couture, attracting everything and everybody around it like a magnet, the Afzal Kahn touch comes complete with front and rear sections, ceramic brakes, wing shields, upgraded F1 gearbox and yellow brake calipers ensure that this vehicle is aerodynamically unique...

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  • A. Kahn Design introduces the Ferrari 458 Italia editions

    A. Kahn Design's latest in a line of vehicles, the Ferrari 458 Italia in triple pearl white and Rosso Corsa red. Owning a Kahn Ferrari is enough, you don't need to drive fast, or even drive it at all. It's wrapped in voluptuously scanty aluminium-alloy couture, which attracts all ages and sexes like a magnet.

    Aerodynamically, Afzal Kahn's touch ensures that this sleek Ferrari is unique to say the least. A matt Pearl Grey finish to the Roof, matt pearl grey side skirts, matt pearl grey front and rear bumper sections, » Read the full story
  • Introducing the FERRARI California 2+2 S-A Kahn Monza edition

    The A. Kahn Ferrari California in soft gleaming white is a vehicle that uncompromisingly combines sportiness with versatility, guaranteeing maximum driving pleasure.

     This spectacular vehicle features the kind of treatment that makes Afzal Kahn's designs a favourite amongst discerning customers and is principally used to showcase the latest modifications available from A. Kahn Design.

    Characteristic of cars given the thumbs of by Afzal Kahn - the A. Kahn Ferrari California is aimed at owners who desire a car which embodies everything the Kahn badge represents: sporty design and innovation with greater versatility...

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  • Reviewed: Kahn Ferrari 458 Italia

    The Ferrari 458 Italia takes centre stage as Kahn news takes this very welcome opportunity to review the vehicle everyone wants to drive.

    Most automotive journalists will not reveal which car they would buy even if they had the cash to spare.

    However, what many a journalist will tell you is that they admire the Ferrari 458 because it is one car that they would not only take home, but also introduce this exquisiteness to his or her partner, children and every Tom, Dick and Harry.

    In the flesh, from every angle, the 458’s couture is, quite simply, delicious...

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  • Introducing the Ferrari 458 spider by A.Kahn Design

    Do supercar owners stick with the kudos to match ownership of intricate vehicles, or do they purchase something that has the looks, sound, speed and handling of a real supercar?

    Marking an evolution as opposed to a revolution - the Kahn Ferrari 458 Spider is the perfect car.

    Welcome, to the new world of the Ferrari 458 Spider. Shrouded in voluptuous Grigio Alloy couture, the Kahn styling package comes complete with a lowered suspension, front sections, matt rear styling detail, black painted calipers and state of the art Monza forged alloy wheels (finished in the colour of your choice & fit all original centre caps), and the majestic 180 number plate, ensure a mighty presence on the road...

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  • View from the press: A. Kahn Design Builds A Bespoke Ferrari 458 Spider

    Featured by Motor Authority is A. Kahn Design’s initial work on the Ferrari 458 Spider, a spectacular vehicle finished in Ferrari’s Grigio Alloy livery.

    Motor Authority joined their media colleagues in commending Kahn Design for producing such a master piece.

    Rather than ruin the near-perfect lines of the 458 Spider, A. Kahn Design has chosen to add subtle upgrades that build on the already strong platform.

    The 458 has been adorned with Monza forged alloy wheels which are presented in a wide variety of colours and come with the original center caps...

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  • Reviewed: Kahn Ferrari Spider 458

    Up close, from every single angle, the Kahn Ferrari 458 Spider’s couture is, to put it rather simply: mouth-watering.

    Here we are test-driving one of the world’s most desirable cars. Shrouded in voluptuous Grigio Alloy couture – this vehicle may have been manufactured in Italy – but the unyielding British blueprint is extraordinary.

    Surprisingly, the real reason why the Kahn Ferrari 458 Spider is so good is because of its simplicity. I know, odd thing to say about a car with such a radical set of wheels and special detailing, but we stand by it...

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  • Introducing the Kahn Monza forged wheel

    It is virtually impossible to discuss the Kahn Monza Forged wheel without a twinge of reverential poignancy.

    Conveying the fundamental nature of the vehicle’s identity the Kahn forged Monza wheels sit perfectly on the Ferrari FF.

    Stylish and businesslike - attracting everything and everybody around it like a magnet, the Afzal Kahn touch ensures the superlatives used to describe the Kahn Forged Monza wheels are well-deserved.

    Created using state-of-the art manufacturing and materials forged technology, the 9×21” (front) and 12×22” (rear) are available in black chrome, hyper or liquid silver with a tyre size of 255/30/21 (front) and 335/25/22 (rear) and fit all original centre caps...

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  • Available soon: Ferrari 328 GTB

    1989 may have been the last year for the Ferrari 328. Nowadays, however, they have become the darling of 308/328 collectors.

    If you are looking for a vehicle that is a real classic, then the Ferrari 328 GTB, to be offered soon by Kahn Automobiles, is definitely worth considering.

    Not only was it better looking than earlier 308s, which featured in the TV show Magnum P.I. in the early and mid- 1980s, the Ferrari 328 GTB is considered by many to be the best built, most reliable Ferrari ever.

    Solidly constructed, with a steel body welded to an oval tube frame, the 308 featured simple Bosch fuel injection and an engine you serviced without removing it from the car...

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  • Pick Of The Showroom: 246 GT Ferrari Dino

    One of Only 497 M-Series Dinos ever built; well maintained and striking in red, this 246 GT Ferrari Dino embodies all that is Ferrari!

    Created as a tribute to the late Alfredo ‘Dino’ Ferrari, the first model did not wear a Ferrari badge at all – being sold merely as the Dino.

    But of course, everyone called them Ferrari Dinos, no matter what Enzo preferred.

    Regardless of the name, the Dino established a number of firsts for Ferrari. It was the company’s first road-going V6, and its first mid-mounted sports car...

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  • Pick Of The Showroom: Ferrari 328 GTB

    The Ferrari 328 GTB was the successor to the Ferrari 308 GTB and was very similar, except for small modifications to the body style and engine. Introduced at the 1985 Frankfurt Salon, the new model, along with the GTS, represented the final developments of the normally aspirated transverse V8 two seater series.

    The engine displacement was increased to 3.2L (3185 cc) and the wedge shaped profile was softened compared to the 308. The nose and tail were redesigned with a more rounded shape, and the 328 saw the introduction of body coloured bumpers...

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